Who are we?

Over the years, more often than not, we hear about how one been losing money over and over and over again (it’s almost unstoppable), turning someone who are so passionate about trading or investment, into an isolated figure that would eventually alienate the market space.

You conclude that stock markets are lying to you. You conclude that your brokers are lying to you. You also conclude that all the "masters" are lying to you too. You can’t be more sure than now that there are so many big crocodiles out there and the market is "THE GAME" for the big players, and definitely not for small fish like you. The future was looking rather bleak. That was it.

On the other end, we’ve been thinking (very hard) on how we can pull a plug on these unfortunate stories, and one fine day in 2014, 2 long lost friends met up each other over a cup of coffee and the rest, as they say, is history.

With Volume Spread Analysis (VSA) by Richard Wyckoff and Tom Williams as the cornerstone of our guiding principles, we pride ourselves in putting forward the world 1st web-based charting and analytic system designed to level the playing field by providing precise signals when to enter and exit market, which has been proven to work effectively for trading and investment purposes.

Mission Statement

For traders and investors looking to generate consistent return, iVSA will help them to maximize their financial gains by using volume spread analysis to profit from the financial market opportunities.

iVSAChart is known for providing accurate charting & analytics designed to support investment decisions and generate better profit return.

Our precise stock selections promise to level the playing field by helping customers to pick the right trade easily towards achieving their investment goals.


“We Level the Playing Field”

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