Congratulation to Winners of iVSAChart Stock Contest 2015!!!

iVSAChart Stock Contest 2015

Congratulations to all traders who participated in “iVSAChart Stock Contest 2015”. Traders have achieved remarkable results during the contest period from 16th Jan 2015 to 18th Feb 2015. Each participant can submit up to 5 stocks via posting to “Price and Volume in KLSE” Facebook Group. Winners have been chosen with their best entries based on the 5 stocks submitted.
Stellar Performance and Achievements by all participants as summarised below:
  1. 98% makes POSITIVE RETURN,
  2. 84% beat KLCI Market Index, and
  3. 40% make more than 10% price gain.
iVSAChart would like to congratulate all Top 20 traders for winning prizes worth more than RM 5,000. Fabulous prizes won by the winners include Xiaomi Smartphone, 1-Year Free Subscription of iVSAChart Pro, Cash Priz es, Best Selling Book and iVSAChart memento.

iVSAChart Stock Contest Top 3 Winners (Stock/Equity Category)

2nd Runner Up – En. Ahmad Syahrir (Perwaja Holdings +28.7%)

1st Runner Up – Mr. Greyson Tan (KNM +34.6%)

Listen to his YouTube testimonial via URL below.

Winner – Mr. Chan KS (Mitrajaya +64.1%)

iVSAChart Stock Contest Top 2 Winners (Warrant/Non-Equity Category)

1st Runner Up – Mr. Andrew Lurtutas (Karex-CA +11.43%)

Winner – Mr. David Ting (Eforce-WA +13.8%)

Testimonials from iVSAChart Stock Contest Top 3 winners.

En. Ahmad Syahrir (2nd Runner Prize, Perwaja, +28.7%)

Mr. Greyson Tan (1st Runner Prize, KNM, +34.6%)

Mr. Chan KS (Winner, Mitrajaya, +64.1%)

iVSAChart Award Day Presentation Video (30 mins)

You can follow the entire iVSAChart Award Day presentation in video for Insights and Lessons Learned via the URL below:

Testimonials from Satisfied iVSAChart Customers

Thank you so much. I'm learning much more in less than 2 weeks than in 20 years of losing so much money. So many "aha" moments when I watch the tutorial videos and your explanation in iVSAChart ... I wish I had learned the technique of iVSAChart "much, much earlier".         T.J Lim, Penang
iVSAChart really Works! It is ACTUALLY VOLUME SPREAD ANALYSIS FUNDAMENTAL being SIMPLIFIED! Thanks!         Mohd. Ali Yusof, KL
The iVSAChart work very good, using it I found another share which has gone up 20% from the price I enter.         Foo CH, Shah Alam
I have to say that for once i don't have to collect cigar butt from anyone anymore. i can puff it when the smart money lighted it and puffing.         Chan KS (Winner of iVSAChart Stock Contest 2015)
iVSAChart has worked pretty well for me... I have started a small capital of real money trading based on iVSAChart. I do have a winner up 11% in as little as 11 days.         W.P. Lee, Penang

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